Can't adopt but still want to help? Fostering may be your thing. We provide everything needed for your foster animal: food/litter/vet care, toys & blankets, you provide housing and TLC for the adoptable animals. 

Shelter Kennel Help


If you want to interact with the adoptable animals one on one, helping to clean the shelter is the way to go. There is no better satisfaction than the sigh of contentment the animals show as they eat breakfast and lay down on a fresh bed in their clean kennel!

Shelter Office Help


Do you have a great personality, an eye for detail and OMG organization skills? This volunteer position is right up your alley then! We would love help with the phones and filing, the front office is the brains of the organization, plus you get to see the adoptable pets!

Cognitive Interaction


Dog walkers & cat whisperers are always needed! One on one interaction with each animal is imperative. Whether it's a short walk, a peanut butter treat, or dangling a toy for a kitten to play with, each interaction helps to build trust and happiness in our adoptable pets.

Event Help


Community events are how we stay relevant and adopt out our animals into loving homes. If you're interested in assisting in adoption events (setting up, packing up, adopting out) then this is your jam!

Shelter Maintenance


Are you a handyman/handywoman? If so we have tons of small projects that we'd love help with! From mending fences to hanging shelves.