Working Cat Program

TAILS provides working cats to be placed in barns, stables and other areas with grain or feed where rodents may be a problem. In exchange for food, water, shelter and basic care you will receive a genuine mouser that is spayed/neutered & vaccinated that can assist you with your rodents! There is no adoption fee for a working cat but donations are always greatly appreciated in order to get the next working cat ready to take on the great mouse army. 

Cold Nights Program

Visitors to the Abraham Connection that need to place their dogs for the night can bring them to TAILS. They must be brought in by 5:30pm and picked up by 8:00am the next day. 

Vaccine Program

Vaccines for dogs and cats can be administered at the shelter for a $10.00 fee per vaccine. *Excludes Rabies, this must be adminstered by a veterinarian*

Microchip Program

Microchipping is available for $30.00 per chip. 

Give and Take Program

Everyone falls on hard times every once in a while. If you need cat or dog food, we will provide enough to get you buy for a few days in exchange for 1 hour of volunteer work. We have plenty to do at the shelter for all activity ranges. Office work, kennel cleaning, animal socializing. Pet food will be provided to the elderly without the need for volunteer work.

Spay & Neuter Program

TAILS offers assistance with spay and neuter for cats and dogs. TAILS will offset some of the costs per animal.

Cats: $25.00

Dogs: $50.00

Reimbursement upon proof of spay/neuter.